Thursday, January 01, 2009

new year...

for the lack of a better title...and since its new year, day one of 365 similar days!!!

i have come to know the value of expecting less. of expecting nothing. its the only way to live a happy life, because if u expect less, expect nothing everything is more then what u expected...
i know u must be going duh...
when u don't expect anything of anyone, everything they do for u is like a if full of those cherries. it also means never to be disaapointed. and most of us don't have the maturity to take disaapointments, we complain about them, not know that we were expecting more in the first place.
sometimes we fall in the trap of expecations being built up, because someone has been doing something for sometime, being nice to us, giving a rose, we expect we will always be getting the rose. and when it doesn't happen, we complain. but then we humans donot follow the same path, we hardly ever go linearly. its not in our nature, and so doing the same things or better them always is inherently difficult. 
the question comes is, if u can't expect, how can u trust. if i don't expect my loved one to come behave like she always does, how can i ever trust her. well here the epiphany i had...u not only look at what was done for you, but also look at the circumstances around it, what led to it, what was the motive or driver behind it.  maybe the rose was given because someone on the road was selling roses, and he just came across that little girl selling roses...but then does that take away the happiness of getting the, because atleast he thought of giving the rose. be thankful and happy about that. its easy to look at negatives, but always rewarding if u look at the one postive. 
not expecting anything could be a very ballless way of living, its a way of protecting urself...and something we say when a lot of our expectations are not getting fulfilled. that i assure u is a way of telling ur heart that the world is not very good to you, and so do not expect much out of it.
but when things actually are done for u, and still not expecting anything out of is happier. 
ofcourse the highs are not so high, and the lows are not so low...ur just walking.
long post of nothing...
take care.


  1. I poked in to see if you are doing ok, and it seems you are "Lost in translation". aah judgemental me!

  2. nah not lost at all...ur lost when u don't know where ur...i know exactly where i u??