Sunday, January 04, 2009

so can't find a suitable title for this one...but the post is about some movies i saw over the past two three weeks...starting with rab ne bana di jodi...australia...and ghajini.  also the fact that i am watching this 'chicks on flicks' film review show alongside...a show where two (seemingly hot intellectual girls, but i really think its not really their thoughts but a script they are reading from) review a whole lot of flicks...good thing about the show, they review movies from different sources, different you atleast you get a preview of different movies, but then the reviews are not really good, they are the abstract kinds, where u can't really make any sense of the movie, whether is a good watch, what kind of mood will it go with et al...just a lot of big words and abstract thoughts.
good reviews are by Rajiv Masand on CNN-IBN, very articulate, captures the essence of the movie. he looks from both the film makers point of view, what s/he's thought process was, and whether s/he was able to implement it, and also from the viewers point of view. 
so anyways coming back to what i think about the flicks i saw...
and well i really don't wanna think about ghajini...makes me angry. so much aamir khan movie and such a disaapointment. nothing in he movie...the story line was just like the preface of a was never baked, developed. the characters, well Asin's characters was developed quite well...but what was the relevance to the story? Aamir Khan, running Airtel's hindi movie version, and goes to choose hoardings??!?, and wears half sleeve shirts with tie's?  you know what, its like aamir spent 2 years building his superbly shaped body...but it seems like didn't use his brains at all for this movie.
Aamir Khan, since last three four years, actually since he marketed lagaan for oscars, has understood the value of selling a movie, marketing even, but it seems in the process he forgot the ideals he used to make movies by, he seems to be concentrating more on what needs to be shown on the screens for the audience to like it then on what he wants to show the audience.  not good.
rab ne bana di jodi...well frankly coming from adi chopra, this is a dissapointement. nothing wrong with the movie, its a good 2 hour entertainment package, u don't get bored at most points, but from adi chopra, u kind of expect more. u expect something extraordinary, out of the box. and i think its adi chopra's fault, the only really diff movie he's made is DDLJ, which at its time was a classic, but after that, he's marketed products which were not so good as great...and thats built up expectations. as for the movie, refreshing to see mr. SRK doing some acting, but that lasts for abut half an hour, then he is back to the easy acting, the things he is very used to. i really don't see how that is acting, its the same old things he does in every movie...and its not like he can't act, but as he puts it, 'i do roles my directors offer me, if they give me different roles, i do different actors'...very conviniently blamed ont he directors. the new girl, anushkha (how soon do u think the spelling will change to anooska??!?) is good, acts well, looks good. and sounds intelligent.  nice movie to watch...but i think adi chopra should take more risks, should do something different, he has the success and name behind him, so why be so afraid. karan johar is a good example...he is atleast thinking differently, kabhi alvida naa kehna being the point in case, implementation will soon catch up. 

anyways Australia....or Australia, the adult fairy tale as i have been calling it. thats what it is...a land far far away...a princess makes a long journey...goes through some problems...finds her knight in shining armour....they together get over the problems...and everyone lives happily ever the land far far away...thats where it should end...but hey, it doesn't, there is an entire new story after this one...and thats like a hindi movie. nice movie...i believe bas luhrman wanted to showcase the majestic land down under, and he surely was successful in that, thanks to the camera work and lighing. australia is beautiful, and this movie makes that very evident, its a shame that most of it is not explored. 
except for that, its just a big movie, big sets, lotsa money spent but ultimately its just one of the big epic movies. nothing really different. but still a decent watch. entertaining, funny in parts, although at no point does it make u feel sad, most such big movies in some parts do. 
anyways do watch oye lucky, lucky oye, and sorry bhai, the first better then the second, but then the second has Chitrangada singh...after a long time she is back. 
oye lucky because its different, and its has abhay deol who thinks and does things differently. its not very entertaining, but watch it just for how different it is, watch it from the directors point of view, and not the viewers point of view.
sorry bhai...well slow steady, nothing really special, a different story, and some good performances. and chitrangada.  
take care.

PS: i truly believe an idea and its implementation should be appreciated from the ideator / implementors point of view as well, not only by how successful and liked it was in the users/viewers eyes...even ideas which failed...could have been good ideas. could be that the world was not ready for it.
and the pics are from the iphone...thats what i do now a days, take pics from the iphone in a theatre...weird, i know.

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  1. I totally support youor views on GHAJINI ....coming from aamir khan ...well expectations are bound to be high :)