Monday, January 29, 2007

still in inertia

just realised something else about intertia, because of intertia life becomes simple and easily understood. u can project or assume the future because of inertia.
realised it while driving my activa, the first thing i do after taking a blind turn, is take a note of everything new on the road, regiester the position or state of everything. a dog standing on the other side, a little girl playing ball, a slow moving scooterist. once i have done that, regiestered everything, my head in its sub conscious projects their movements or state for the next so many seconds till i take note of it again. and it goes to another thought.
if there states were to change suddenly, then that would require reflex actions on my part. a sudden bump in the road needs my attention, and my mind coming back to consciousness.
if inertia is not there, if i have to assume that the state will change every moment, then my mind will always be processing whats on the road, without leaving any space for other thoughts to come and get processed.

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  1. activa!! what happened to the scooty?! daga!
    and when did u ever look at the road while driving? :)