Thursday, January 25, 2007


love is supreme only when expectations are zero. unconditional love. it doenot vary with time, on how the loved behaves. its there always.
realised this looking at jimmy, got locked out of the house with my two dogs, was waiting for dad to come back. and thinking.
jimmy is the one creature who i have loved unconditionaly, and he knows it. and today i realised its because i don't expect anything out of him, i don't expect because i know he is not capable of giving anything. so noting great on my part but...
have seen this with someone else as well, as long as i didn't have any expectations, what ever she did, i showered her with my love. as soon as i started to see her differently and started expecting, it changed.
having no expectations also protects you from hurt, and keeps you eternally happy. try it, its a beautiful state of mind!!!

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