Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Salaam e salaam e ishk

sheer brilliance...in parts though.
although not an original concept, it was a purely indianised version of Love Actually, but indianised is in no way derog anymore for indina movies. It felt like a foreign film, the treatment, the cinematography, effects, and still all the stories were plausibly indian. if indian films keep on improving at this rate, i will not have to compare them again n again with foreign movies.
Acting was good, Govinda shows his brilliance, the foreign chick n the rest were good, not great. Everyone praises Salman, but its easy to do the kind of roles he does. its the same old thing. n who is the Anil Kapoor ki crush chick?? looked pretty although her character was kindof confused. she is shown sad but then is potrayed by priyanka chopra as a b**** using guys!! or does it go deeper.

the best of the 5 stories was ofcourse Govinda and the phirang chick, althought can't call any of the five the worst. Fail to understand why sohail khan n khallas girl were there, although they too made most of the tiny little roles that they had. i guess they were there because according to the hindi movie formula there has to be some comedy, and it takes real guts to go beyond the formula. also Love actually had six stories.

the directore could have made a perfect pic, but the problem with perfection is it takes time. there were many moments or rather gaps in the movie where the director didn't know what to do, or rather had not got the idea, the vision for that part, and i guess becuase of time factor, put in what was not really mediocre, but also not up to standards of the movie. still it was far better then most other movies, it got quite close.

well whatever it was, i took my parents to the movie on their anni, and so it did make a perfect gift, except the haddi (me)!!!

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