Friday, October 28, 2011

to the disappearing art of writing in cursive on paper with a fountain pen...

in a nice plush leather jacket diary gifted by dad with yellowing lined papers, using a thin nib fountain pen filled with royal blue ink in running cursive with a bent left the writer says...writing is personal, intimate...and brings joy!!!
and to this disappearing art, haven't read a better eulogy -
PS: as i said somewhere else, writing can take solace in the fact that typing is gonna disappear will just have to talk and Iris (my Siri) will do the rest!!!


  1. Writing as an art, seems to have long disappeared in developed nations and fast disappearing in developing nations like India. And as you rightly eluded to, now that we have refined voice enabled technologies, it may also put typing on the path to extinction..

    But i feel, as with everything which becomes outdated, writing and hand calligraphy will take a form of a niche hobby. It is and more so will become a very therapeutic way of letting your mind out. I, sometimes use it as means to calm my mind and meditate..

  2. Just goes to tell how the convinience that tech provides, also takes away so many good things! Its debatavle, the next generations wont even know what these cherished arts were, maybe that is what progress is!!,