Thursday, August 25, 2011

Say what you need to say!

One of the things I love about American Presidents is their speeches. That once a week address to the nation, those state of the Union addresses, that funny speech to the press corps and the adhoc but still well organised, well written conferences they do for every issue, where the press waits for their questions. This is all coordinated by the Press secretary, yep they have a special post to handle the media, special people who write those speeches and special people who decide on what message needs to be sent to the general public through the medium of the media.
Their emphasis is so much that one of the parameters the president is judged on is his (america has never had a 'her' as president so..) oratory skills...thats why Bill Clinton was so good, Bush so bad.
So why am I saying this, well because India doesn't have that. I have never seen an organised press conference by the Indian government or other political parties, which is broadcast throughout. The only speech I remember is the prime ministers 15th aug address, and maybe the Foreign Secretarys joint statements.
They have started having spokespersons but they keep on changing with every event, every incident. What they have is a hundred people saying a hundred things, which basically means you never know what the stand of the government is, and then start wondering if they have a stand.
Thats is the problem with communciation, a lot of it leads to confusion, a lack of it leads to miscommunication. When you don't communicate, people and in todays world, the 24x7 news channels who need content, start creating stuff.
It would be so much more easier if the prime minister would have made a speech to the the people and clarified his n the governments stand. Agreed we are not America, here the leaders talk in the parliament, explain their stand to the elected representatives but do those reprensatives explain it to the people they represent, and do that in the same words, in the same context, do they pass the same message. They don't, they can't, reminds me of that game where people wouod sit in a circle and a message will be passed ear to ear only to find out that the message coming out of the last person to be so diff then the original one, it was hilarious.
What this would also do it would give the media a lesser chance of twisting the words, of taking and quoting them out of context, of blatantly creating stuff up!!!
We see this in corporate world, we have so many townhalls with all top leaders talking to us about how the firm is doing it gets boring...but atleast we are not guessing stuff. Ofcoruse what they say is so vague, its difficult to get a message out of it, and yea, that should be different here. Say what you need to say, in plain terms. And it is difficult, especailly when u have to pass tough messages, when u have to pass messagfes to parties with differnet agendas, but needs to be done.
Team Anna is doing it, and thats why they are getting so much support, why cant our PM? and make it compulsory for each news channel to broadcast it in english n translated in each regional language.
That atleast would be a start to some evident leadership for this country.

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