Friday, August 26, 2011

The allpowerful almighty...

With nothing to do, am sitting on my balcony just staring at space n having a text discussion with a friend far away about God...N when the texts started reading like a blogpost, thought I'd rather blog then bore palli to death so here goes..
I don't really believe in God, I have been conditioned to yes, n so out of habit I bow in front of temples n say Jai Bhagwanji whenever wishing good for someone, but since I have gained consciousness n become more thinking, I have started questioning everything which seemed not explainable by logic n science n rationality n the concept of God is one of them.
I think the concept of God came about because there are so many things that we couldn't explain in the early days of evolution, n even many things which made us wonder, the unexplained, the stuff which made us fearful, which made us insecure. For all those things, we wanted an explanation, and God became that. we invented God to attribute all that we couldn't explan, to protect from all that we feared...we invented God to explain our own ignorance really.
Think about it, the only two times we go to God is 1) when something unexplained / unexpected happens...'ya to Bhagwan ka karishma hai' types and 2) when we want / fear something...'Bhagwan mujhe ya/ woh/sab de do' types.
And there will always be stuff we won't be able to understand, but many of the things which were attributed to God are now explained by science...evolution, the universe and stuff. And so there might be a day when everything will be explained by science...although, looking at the vastness of the universe n beyond, don't think that's gonna ever happen.
And also becuase I think, the universe is nothing but a self evolving n growing (increasingly complex) system which is based in finite number of fixed rules.but the elements in this system are ever changing n also growing in number, n so science n our understanding which is already so behind, will never be able to catch up. Also we are part of the system, n ourselves changing within it, n so it's kind of paradoxical for us to explain n understand ourselves while we are changing while doing it.
So who is in control, is there a superior being, well no. No one is in control, there is no superior being with a conscious...just a system...a huge, complex, evolving complex because everything affects everything and thus unmapable by us due to limitation of our brain and computational power. Think of it as our nature...complex, evolving with ever new experience, learning, ever changing...!
Seems like the post is coming to a sudden end...lets not...
So what about fate n chance n karma...well all part of the system. Take a coin toss. The white knight in the dark knight says fate is the only uncorruptable force...but is it really. Can u not with advanced computations and in a controlled environment predict a coin toss. N if u can, can that then not be extended to real world, given enough computational resources... and if it can, can't u then manipulate those factors affecting the coin toss to get desired reults..and if u can, u have just overcome chance.
Moral of the story...just because it can't be understood n explained n controlled by u, doesn't mean it is understood n explained n controlled by an unknown all powerful conscientious being.
Let's not attribute our ignornce to someone supremely intelligent.
Take care.
I do believe in horoscopes, which is very contradictory to what I have said above, but have a theory for that too...a scientific explainable theory...won't write now, enough material given above for u to shoot holes in....:)

Also no offense to people who believe...I think the concept of God n religion is is the most powerful medium in the world today to speed any message, whether good n or sadly bad. It supports n gives hope to is the basis of existence for many...I am just saying that it doesn't have a logical rationl explntion for me. It's very personal....


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