Saturday, December 18, 2010

Secret Santa

wrote about this sometime back..when i bought my first iPhone. and this topic again came to mind yesterday when I was chided for buying beer glasses for my Angel during the annual Secret Santa. Why was I chided, well because Beer Glasses are not a positive gift...hmm. Well that was always on my mind, but for the lack of finding something which was better, which i liked, i gave this. Plus i knew the guy, i knew what he'd like...(explanation if you read this, which am sure you won't)
The other reason was this article in todays DNA (a paper i have started loving, so much better then that tabloid called 'The' Times of India). 
I have always believed a gift should be something you don't really want, something you would never buy, but something which you would love, you would appreciate. Something which would make you happy, which would bring you joy. Gifts should be unexpected, should be surprising / shocking. They should cause ecstasy...!
Whats the point of giving something that you know the other wise, why be so practical. You should always be a Secret Santa...
Also i hate giving cash gifts, gifting shouldn't be about just giving because you have should be because you wanna make someones day. As in anything else, the process is as important as the outcome...the thought behind what to be gifted, what would be liked, what makes sense is as important. And cash gifts are just lazy. Giving cash is just showing a lack of thought (except for the thought behind whats the right amount). I know its more practical, but gifts are not supposed to be practical. Gifts are supposed to cause joy. What joy will receiving money give, as soon as you get it, you'll allocate it to some expense you have to make. 
A gift should never be pegged to the cost of the gift, money should never be a factor in gifting, you should give what you want to give regardless of how cheap or how expensive it is...
also and i'll end here, gifting as a process should cause joy both sides, you should be proud of what you have gifted...there should be an anxiety, will s/he like it...the process of buying should be as exciting as the process of opening the gift wrapping!!!
well thats what i think...
anyways my Secret Santa gave me a wallet (which i don't think came inside the Rs 400 limit set) but what made the experience lasting was the fact that she (yep it was a she, the handwriting on the note, the wordings and the number of cello tape pieces on the packing proved that, and as per my teammates, not just a she, a Hindu Traditional she, which really doesn't matter) kept a Rs 101 inside. The entire experience of finding that 100 Re note and then looking for that Re 1 was awesome. and that experience, that joy was only possible because someone put some (a lot me thinks) thought behind it. Thank You my Secret Santa, wish you had put ur phone number as well just so that i could have conveyed a heartfelt thanks, i swear... ;-) 
take care people. 

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