Sunday, March 21, 2010

the blind side...

so am gonna keep this real short and crisp...

the based on the movie, the movie called for a dedication, and so here it is.
well the movie is great, and Sandra Bullock was fabulous, she won an Oscar and totally deserved it. Its amazing when people give such unexpected performances.
anyways the blog is more about one thought, which was triggered by Bullocks comments in the acceptance speech. She said that she was lucky to have a mom who taught here all the right things, who let her make her own choices. And that was exactly the character she plays in the movie.
Well my question is, why don't you find more parents like them. Every parent wants to be the best parent in the world, every parent wants to do what is best of their kid, atleast till its their kid, and has not become a grown up well educated thankless son...but still, every parent influences their kids in negative ways. Every parent, some time or the other has shouted or beaten up their kid for no fault of the kids, out of their own frustrations et al. well why?
because to be a perfect parent, you need to have had a perfect parent for yourself, who provided a perfect life. because everytime some problems come in your life, it affects you, changes you, and you move slightly away from being that perfect parent..!
Sandra Bullock in the movie seemed to be happy in all ways, successful, she didn't have any problems of her own, good marriage, money, great kids, and so was able to take that additional responsibility, and be a good mom. but not everyone is.

not as short and crisp as i wanted it to be...

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  1. hey, thnx for following up my blog :)
    well, I get what you are trying to say here, but what I feel is that its not about having the perfect life, rather making the most of the imperfect one :)
    as I say, if you dont give your kids the sky, how can you possibly expect them to fly.. they'll simply flutter and painfully perish..
    mind you, nothings perfect(fortunately, unfortunately)
    Cheers!! :)