Sunday, December 20, 2009

we killed our mother...

thats a quote from 'the Avatar' and for me something which, more then anything else sets the movie apart.
avatar is a great movie...the Fx made me go 'fuck amazing' after a long time...3D makes it just better. the plot has been used quite a bit, a hero goes to fight someone and finally realizes he is not fighting against the evil, but for the evil, and changes sides and wins the war....but then someone told me, their are only three basic plots, well am sure there are more then three, but not that many...
what matters is the presentation...and well, this movie presented the idea in a very different way. the entire idea of humans going to another planet, trying to build relations with the civilization their, and ultimately trying to run them over, was quite unique. mostly its the other way around.
so back to the quote...the movie passes a very subtle message, we are killing our our mother, our mother earth. we are using it up for our comfort, and soon we won't have anything left to use up. we are killing all that which makes the world a beautiful place to live in.
think of the na'vi as the human civilization 10,000 years ago, and it makes sense. i guess thats what Cameroon was thinking about. what happened to enjoying the beauty around the world. valuing that beauty and making sure we don't destroy we create cities by destroying that beauty, and then try to recreate that beauty in the city as theme parks...kinda ironic.
makes me also think this...what is the purpose of all the progress, what are we progressing at. from what is see, everything we do is just to make our, the human civilization's life to be more comfortable, and to have a longer life to enjoy the comfort...
guess it all comes down to the so call human tendency of never being satisfied, or always wanting to move forward...but maybe we are instead moving backwards.
other comments on the movie...well people complained that it was only 3D in parts, maybe you just got so transfixed on the movie, you forgot it was 3D, if you know what i mean. i liked the fact that at one point, which came quite early in the movie, the story took over from the graphics...
the time shown in the video logs says LST...think it should be PST (pandora standard time)
their were a few gaps in the movie, or maybe i just missed out on somethings..the synapses, all trees are connected idea was not developed. also the transferring of souls part was a bit far fetched even for 2154...but i loved the idea of you controlling another living creature by just connecting to them...i think that is coming in our lifetime. also what the hell was has a Wikipedia page though.
a friend, just returned from the States commented that the movie also passed a strong message against US...well don't wanna comment on that.
anyways long post...
and yea, am putting this on FB simply because i thought there was a very subtle point being made which needs to be highlighted, in the small way that i can.
take care
PS: is it a coincidence that this coming out in conjunction to Copenhagen, yeah yeah, me making too much out of the 'subtle message' now!!!

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