Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tiger Woods and his 11 mistresses, for almost all of us, its just a news, masala. I like the way he has handled his disgresssions though, very dignified, ironic isn't it. Frankly speaking, i am not opinionated about what he did, its not my place to judge, i don't know the full story, believe no one does.
anyways had a theory about this, why the people at the top, people who have proven themselves to be the best of the best of our society, do such things. well, replace people with men actually. this is specific to us, the still to evolve sex.
so my theory is this, these guys are basically the top of the food chain, they are the alpha males, and as per the rules of the animal world, the alpha male gets the chicks...a lot of them, its biology, they need to spread their seeds, the best seeds their are!!! and thats what they do. ...
but our human alpha males can't, they are married and committed and all that. so they can't, society doesn't like it. the problem is marriage and commitment are not something which is natural, they are acquired traits, but alpha males needs to spread seeds is very natural very, conflict is inevitable!!! can't blame guys for it, can ya??!?

well that was that, girls reading this, please don't abuse me too much. am not gonna do never gonna be the alpha male anyways. ;-)

btw - BOBILLI VIJAY KUMAR, writes about sports for the Times of India, and i have found him really good, his article about Federrer after he lost to Nadal was a classic. and this one, linked here is sarcastic and quite funny.

anyways, to more serious topics...
yesterday we got into a debate on whether its good to be an idealist. the examples were from music world and FB, its origins. A very idealist guy from the North East, (a region where i think we have the most idealist youth living, something to learn for the rest of the country) made a point that why can't you just do something for the love of it, why should everything be a business, should generate a profit...
why can't we just live on ideals, on the fact that i make my own kind of music and i want to share it with people who like it, why should i have to commercialize it??
well thats where the conflict is, if you want to make your music and you don't really care about what people think about it, whether someone listens to it or not, thats idealism, what every happens you won't change it. the moment you want others to like it, appreciate it, their goes your idealism, the moment you want to spread ur music, you are already on your path to commercializing it.
i gave the example of Fb, Zuckerberg started out with FB as a way to keep in touch with people at Harvard, he a pretty little server, he wrote the app, and since he didn't really put in any additional money into it, it was a zero profit zero loss for him. then came other universities, who wanted to use the app, and so he said, ok, let me put in 10 other servers (made an investment here) and share it with others. At some point the dude must have realized, 'this has potential' and must have approached the Venture capitalists, or maybe the other way round. well thats when he turned it into a business.
Nothing wrong with it, and i think, if you want to spread you idea, you need to make a business out of it. as for your ideals, well you many times have to give some...
Rehman today, has western tones to his music, maybe to commercialize it, maybe to get acceptance, the point is, he, at that point might have decided, 'ok, so what if in a album of 10 songs, 1 is not really what i want, i at least get 9 of my songs across.' the question is when do you stop, if you end up with all 10 songs of what the 'public' demands, then you lost out.
take off to cycling.

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