Saturday, November 14, 2009

after a long time...

i have written about association just developing another theory!!!
associations are nothing but part of habits, if you take habit as a process, which is done without any thought put into it, by instinct, then associations are the triggers to this process. there are routines in the process, lunch break-teammate-smoking is a routine, with team mate being the association...
doesn't make sense i know...anyways what i am saying is that i have been trying to quit for some time, every friday evening i smoke my last....every monday morning i have to stop at the coffee shop and i have to smoke. its an association i have...well i broke that and then discovered that there is another association, my teammate invites me for a after lunch sutta everyday, if i refuse he is disheartened, i thought he was just offended but its actually disheartening for him, this is his only sutta of the day, and its not the same if he doesn't have i have to smoke.
so i basically have to make him give up his one break of the day for me to stop smoking...

i love those days where is like dawn all day long...

so once you start discovering one of a kind, u start discover many...its amazing in how, a very short period you start frequently noticing something of the same kind, which in all the years gone, you never ever have. 14th Nov the date, in ten years i have discovered so may people with their birthday on Nov 14, its weird. discovered two more today...
well not a very good example of the funda there, but the funda is actually true. it works with words, u see a word which is new, and then u start seeing it more and more...
maybe u just become more sensitive to it, u notice it only because its in ur head, and we look for things which we know, its gives us the 'aha' feeling.

another thing, to start with u like a persons physical apperance, but soon, very soon, if ur like me, it trancends that...and then the physical appearance doesn't really matter....more later.

PS: It always irritates me when bloggers don't blog for a long time, and then when they come back, they start with a huge 'i am sorry, i was doing this and that...' posts but were really just being even though tempted, i am limiting it to just the title... :-)

and yea...happy birthday!!!


  1. Thank you! :)

    And smoking for the sake of others? Rubbish.

  2. :-)

    quit again...and this time made him quit as well, well he doesn't have a choice, i used to carry his smoke everyday.
    he isn't too happy about it though.

  3. good for you (both)! :) hope it stays for good this time though..