Sunday, November 15, 2009

its not my cause...

recently there was a some major events, almost a blitz of events celebrating LGBT movement in my workplace...and i was asked many times to join. i didn't
the celebrations and what they asked for was very valid, acceptance, and the same treatment as everyone else. and i totally agree with it. i don't know if its a natural choice, or something acquired, what ever it is, its a choice, and there is no reason to question it.
this blog is not about LGBT, but more about why i didn't participate in it. i just didn't think it was a worthy cause, i just didn't think it required to be given as much importance, as much hooplah, as many other problems we face.
there was an article in the TOI today, a politician was asked if his taking the oath in Hindi instead of Marathi, and all the noise around it, had taken the focus away from other issues, the performance of the govt as one. and i think it did. agreed, the right to take an oath in Hindi, which also talks about bigger issues, is important, but compared to the performance of the govt, not that much.
But then i don't blame the politician, or the LGBT, it is their cause, they need to highlight it. and someone needs to write about it, the media that is.
but my problem is with the media who gives undue importance to issues which make the news, which sell.
there should be a regulator for the media, its been debated, and yes i think there should be a regulator. whether the regulator should decide on the importance of a story, well no they shouldn't, but they sure should be verifying the facts being reported. because frankly, what is reported becomes the truth. for someone sitting a hundred miles away, truth is written.
as for me not participating in the LGBT thingy, well, i just don't think its worth that much importance, i am not sure about how much percentage of the population are LGBT and go through the social stigma associated with it, but from perspective, can't be larger then the kids dying of hunger, or lack of education or environmental issues. But LGBT is a controversial issue, it gets eyeballs, it is easy to sell. and i truly believe, we shouldn't sell what is easy to sell, but what needs to be sold.
again, no offence to LGBT, i am only against undue importance given to a lot of things when looking from a macro picture level.
my first controversial post...but this i had to write.
take care

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