Saturday, September 19, 2009

irony at work...

horrible week...working till two in the night on a sick day...and then working late nights everyday till mid week to plan something, push something, negotiating with all and sundry to schedule it...get everything done, then find out the basics are not ready, and get ready to work all night long to get it going...2 hours into the work find out that everything just got cancelled.
confirming the fact 'if you wish for it strongly enough, it will come true'

anyways that was not ironic...this was

Irony 1 - sending the last mail for the week out, all ready to leave work and party hard...and find out ur application is down...(this happens quite often btw)

Irony 2 - the access door to the application is hosted on the application do you get in to troubleshoot??!?

Irony 3 - somehow troubleshoot and find out the application is fine, but you, the owner of the application, are the only one not able to access it...

just another day at work...thankfully this was not my day at work. but work is exciting, always, never routine, as i like it.
take care.
PS - personal post, life is ironical, if you can laugh at it, it won't sting that bad.
sorry for the terminology...can't describe somethings with the same impact without using the terms.

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