Friday, January 18, 2008

a billion strong!!!

Blogging after a long time and kinda drunk. Am at my office year end party n people this company knows how to party...there's everything from hukka to an open bar to vodka paani puri!!!
but the point of the blog is that i was standing in a queue for the loo n this guy walked in with a very surprised look n i said queue's every where. N he says, over population and i go thinking, aren't we here because of it..!
attended a thing long time back. The people, a group from delhi said population would be our saving grace, n i was like what the fuck. Well their prophecy came true, we have so many people, even if we have one percent successful we as a nation would have more money then most other countires. and we have enough people to send to other countires to work and conquer without worrying about loosing a lot and emptying our own land. Its like a war, bigger armies always are difficult to defeat...
its amazing how you get unexpected results out of mistakes.
Lucky aren't we....
On the Iphone.

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