Friday, January 18, 2008

Global leaders, India???

So was reading this article by some prof of socio politico economics in some firang uni. Was pushing India to take a leadership role in world politics, specifically spreading democracy around the world, we being one of the largest n relatively successful democracies in the world n all.
so two thoughts here...
are we really successful in being a democracy??? Cynics n the more practical in the world who donot always see everything as rosy as it seems like to call us a functioning democracy. N its so true. We have all the freedom here but are we using it the way we should? We have free 'fair' elections but hardly any worthwhile candidates to vote for. We have given a lot of freedom to people who do not have the maturtiy n sense to that way i believe regulation in all aspects is good. Like in film industry, u can't let everyone watch porn although there is this theory that if u do distribute porn freely and widely, it reduces the number of rapes but that aside, reglation in a very ignorant and selfish society is a must. and also the point whether we should give the right to choose a leader to those who can be easily swayed by materialistic means. and does or can democracy actually work for a county as big as ours, i belive democracy is ideal for medium countires, because here, an individuals voice doesn't count, its gets lost, even if its the making most sense. think of it, the 20-80 rule works here as well, 20% have the most valid thoughs but 80% are the loudest, and in a democracy, loudest get heard, always.
N second point, rather though, we need to take a leadership position, agreed, but then its not in indie blood to take initiatives. we are a suppressed society n more in our heads then others suppressing us. we always question our selves, are we right, do we have a right to speak, n will anyone hear us. We have not confident enough. We look for outsiders to give us work, n then follow. Unless ofcourse its our interest then we fight, recent Bali debates are an example. But we donot take initiative for unselfish reasons, atleast those which seem to do us no good in the shorter distance, (and we as a country can't see long term, we lack the foresight required). But thats the only way to get global leadership. Meddle in other peoples problems. Find solutions for problems if none exist or solutions are not required. its like Microsoft, make a product which has not demand, and then sell it...
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