Friday, July 13, 2007

second chance!!!

i have always believed that life gives you a second chance at everything, opprtunity knocks twice. but over the last five years, with the events happening in 'mine and others very close to me' lives, i started doubting it. and was kind of scared.
but over the past few days, i have seen them come again, and people grabbing them.
so be hopeful of life, it might take long, but it does come back, u do get a second chance. have the patience to go through the in between period, which might be really tought.
'umeed par zindagi kayam hai'

i was talking to someones about punishments and retribution, and realised that if on doing something wrong, u realise it in your heart, and u are really sorry about it, some how life understands that and doesn't hit you that hard, the punishments are less intense, sometimes not there. so if you do something wrong, own up to it, to others but more so to ur heart, helps.

or could be that if u realise ur wrongdoing, u accept the punishment and go through it without feeling cheated. what ever the case, own up to it, be true in your heart.

take care.

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  1. there are no second have to let go. am forced to realize that after 10 years!!!