Sunday, December 27, 2015

theories...(made in complete sane state)

Here are some theories, a lot of them come from an interest in theoretical physics and Einstein and reading A brief history of time and watching Interstellar (and reading Kip's explanation of it all). These are just theories, there are no proofs now, and since I don't have the brains to prove them, the never shall be, at least by me. But here goes...

We (humans) are in the middle of the size scale, and so is every other ‘thing’ on the size scale. What this basically means is that the universe is infinite in both directions. On the size scale, there will always be something smaller than the smallest known ’thing', and on the other side, there will always be something larger than the largest known thing.
The above is true not just size in terms of the 3 dimensions, but also in terms of time. This basically means that every ‘thing’ has a lifecycle, every thing is born, matures and dies. Be it a cockroach, a human, a TV, a star or our entire universe, every ‘thing’ has its own lifecycle. They all form part of a something infinite, something which continues beyond each of these lifecycle, call it time maybe. 

The only limiting factor in understanding the above two is us and our current knowledge. The reason we cannot see the size and time continuum is because our view is limited. Take an example, the universe for a bacteria living on your palm is your palm, and its not aware of the rest of you. Look at it the other way, when you die, your universe doesn’t stop, similarly, when your universe dies - big bang to whatever ends it, there will be time, and other universes will continue. Scientists today call this concept of multiple universes as multiverse (not very creative I agree).

As for space, our concept of space is the universe, but when your concept of space becomes the multiverse, you’d realise that there is no end to it. But thats on the how big is it, what about how small can it get. Well here again, think of the space dimensions as a funnel, which is infinitely long, on one end becoming bigger and bigger, on the other end smaller and smaller, tending to zero but never getting there.Think of the visualisation of a black hole in Interstellar (ah now you know where some of this originated). 

But as you think of interstellar, also wonder what would happen if that funnel is turned on itself. Remember those balloons, where when you first blow it, it is in a funnel shape, but then the balloon wala somehow manages to tie the two ends to each other, something of that sort. What if space doesn’t have any ends, it is like a big 3D loop. 

If you think that is abstract, there is more. We all know about big bang, the origin or our universe. What was there before big bang, no one knows, and we will never find out (remember the limits that I spoke about before) but scientists think there is the multiverse. Now imagine big bang like blowing off a matchstick, or a candle. What happens when you blow off the candle, there are wavy planes of smoke which arise, and which spread. They all originate from that one point, the candle wick, but they are always moving away from each other in wavy contorted planes. The moving away part is expansion of the universe. The contorted planes (and they might just have some thickness, but then compared to the length, the third dimension can be ignored and it can be considered as a plane) are maybe our known universe, at least the contorted plane that we live in. Now think about small carbon particles in those wavy planes, they are the stars, and planets and stuff like that. What if you could get form one such wavy plane to another, thats your wormhole. And what about the space between these wavy planes, I don’t know yet. There is the concept of dark matter, does that constitute this empty space, maybe. 

Well as long as we are on the concept of dark matters, heres one more theory. We all know of how one angry look from your dad or your wife send shivers down your spine. Or how one glance from the lady you love makes you all tingly. So how do you think that reaction of your lady love got transferred to you to react the way you did. There was no energy exchange for sure, they was not touch, there was no words spoken, no ripples in the air...

I believe, and this is very recent so might be completely wrong, but i’ll still go on a limb and say it, I believe that feelings are another paradigm, like energy. They can be transferred, they have cause and effect, and may have many laws associated with them. Some day we may even find a conversion formula between feelings and energy, but I think this is a completely different paradigm. Feelings might actually be a subset of what keeps us alive, soul, love and stuff like that. And at the base of it all could be dark matter. 

And now that you already think that I am high and doped up, let me just say that dreams are a way of connecting the two paradigms. Of connecting the dark matter to what is known. 
I shall stop here…make as much fun as you want. But its a theory. 

a blog after many years...well takes that long to come up with abstract bull like the one above. Einstein took 17 years, and that wasn't bull. Is this?


PS: am really not high, this is written in a complete sane state. 

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