Sunday, November 21, 2010

Guzarish...58 things to say!!!

Since the movie was the sad kinds...thought why not just poke a little bit of fun at it so here goes...

1. Must have been difficult to get the mosquito to act in the first scene
2. Congrats Dick you did it (after Dick had a baby). This made me laugh.
3. Euthanasia...and the doc asks...who's going to Indonesia??
4. Suhel Seth here too...hahaha!!!
5. Conquered my quadriplegic life...what else is left?? 

(basically wanted to say that he has now conquered his biggest problem, there is nothing else left for him, no more challenges, and so i guess wants to call quits.)
6. Byomkesh Bakshi is back...
7. How can an Indian citizen fight against Union of India itself??!?
8. The Asian News Network...who reads that...I remember Asian age, no one read that!! (the news paper, reminded me of Asian Age, which was printed next door to my house in Ahd, and which no one really read)
9. At the risk of getting someone really pissed off with me...not sure if he acted really well or he just got a role like it...(i changed my view later in the movie, he did get an awesome role to play, and he did awesomely well on it)
10. There is this point when u get beyond ur miseries and start laughing at your life. That is liberation, partly atleast...
11. Each scene of his movie can be a framed picture...(like any of sanjay leela bhansali's movies, saawariya being a point in case. Also later heard someone say that the movie was nothing but the sets, something said about saawariya as well, so is it that the artwork in his movies cannibalises the other aspects of the movie, something to think about.)
12. Thank God he danced!!!
13. How come he has an Afro...nice look for a magician though!!
14. So when I read a review said they had a very subtle chemistry...well true. (initially, i am still at 14 of 58, later was quiet explicit, and beautiful if i may add)
15. I love the fact that girls have (hate the word) chotis in the movie. Come to think could have said braids..hmph
16. Project euthanasia...ethanasia ...see how that worked out!! It's amazing what all you can do when u have a spotless canvas to paint!!
17. Ah the question I asked long time back...who are we taking mercy on??
18. Life of Dignity...
19. Maybe she thinks what will she do after??!? And my point get proven, at the scene where the wannabe asks Sofiya to take a half day off and she doesn't know what to do. 
20. She loves you, she loves us all...she's a lovely woman!! Nice save
21. Young Hritik, damn cute...ugly mom though!!
22. There were coins falling from young Ethans hair...Omar has an Afro, am sure he'll do the trick better!!!
23. I think it's the applause I am going to miss the most
24. Can I say aish did a amitabh by doing this role. It's the transition to a mature actress...from her dhoim days.
25. Amazing how people can always be selfish. Put urself in my easy to do, so difficult to do!!
26. Who is she?? (this was about the assistant Ethan had during his magic shows)
27. I like the fact tears didn't flow down in the typical glycerine fashion.
28. Ah what do u know, they did. No one really silently cries, do they, except u... :-)
29. I have loved u so much I do understand.
30. You want everything, and don't want any pain too...ah nice I could translate (and related to) that!!
31. And they rope in the ad-man as well. (the long haired guy, kakkad, who made the pepsi ads)
32. The fantastic reason to get out (of the house) is to appeal for euthanasia...fantastic irony i say!!
33. U can't play with gods will...oh but he can. :-)
34. I like this, any religion wishes that you meet god, but forbids killing urself...isint that the fastest way of meeting god - derived from the movie
35. I think even the number of the car was GOD
36. STOP MUNCHING!!! (people munching popcorn after the break, so irritating)
37. I like when directors dig out old old amazing actors...surprise surprise the ugly mom grows old to be Nafisa Ali
38. But there is no one present...court scene at home.
39. I think more than anything, it's the absence of hope, it's the boredom.
40. The thing is this is a personal if the chance is one in million, it's that one chance which gives you hope. Without that, there is no hope, n no life!!
41. Does this really happen, do lawyers actually malign everyone, any lawyers please tell me!!
42. Aakhir yea zindagi hai kiski??? I love that question
43. Kudos Nafisa Ali!!
44. And people clap...hope u shouted!!
45. And he uses the most feared technique of torture to make a point...well made sir. And I got the name... Chinese torture.
46. Laugh uncontrollably...
47. Main Kuch nahi bhulta, because u have so much time to remember...that's the saddest part.
48. Ouch...wish u were ok. (this is when he fell in the tank)
49. And still counting...hey the Afro set...they just don't make men like me anymore!!
50. I think he is dead!
51. he wasn't but I did expect him to go suddenly...(proven wrong that)
52. Ah courtroom scene...why the reporrter??
53. Saanse unki marzi Ki Ho ya marzi ke khilaaf...imagine the helplessness of a guy...can't even die.
54. That's a love story. :-)
55. It is about Hritik...
56. Hey she walks exactly 12 steps...nice
57. Celeberate life...don't mourn death!!
58. Didn't show the credits...i don't like REXS.

Typing(ed now) while watching the movie...impersonating a film critic. :-). Saw the movie alone. Was in a sucky mood, most female friends have seen it, guy friends just laugh at my face. Plus have decided to start doing things i love alone if i don't get company, always used to do it, then got some friends, but lost out on so many other things. 
I think people though i was a film critic or sth, typing away on the iPhone. and i am happy to impersonate, feeling a bit awkward, have started paying attention to what will people think so saving some face here I guess!!!

well awesome movie...liked every bit of it. I don't think a lot of folks will even sit through it, but then i don't think the director would even want their appreciation. 

PS: most of the brackets were typed later on, at home, to explain thought process at the time of typing, also did some grammar / spelling corrections as well. Rest is all as was typed during the movie, no reviews

Take care.

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