Sunday, April 24, 2016

on a loop...

listening to songs on a loop, on a new namesake speaker gifted by friends, and just didn't feel right not to write...and easiest, always ready topic is movies...

Was listening to a song from Highway, and wondering how far have we come. I did predict it many years ago, indian cinema is on the verge of greatness...of making movies which are not only technically perfect, but leave an impression. I do think movies made today will stay with us forever.

Couple of movies over the last few months which left an impression were Tamasha and Kapoor & Sons. Don't remember too much of Tamasha...I did start writing about it at the time but some how ran out of words. The movie resonated so much with me and with a lot of folks I knew. It was one of those movies which you can understand only if you have lived what was depicted, else you are just lost as to what is happening. 

We all lost our innocence somewhere, we all changed to fit in and somewhere forgot out dreams, and started living a double life, to an extent that at one point many of us just forgot who we are, we just confuse ourselves. We are always like fish out of water, never know where we fit in. And that kinda affects everything in our lives, you gotta ask yourself, are you your true self with there a true self left. And rest of life is spent searching for that true self...or in pursuit of our dream as they say. 

The way tamasha depicted this, the way tamasha showed how Ranbir broke the shackles, shackles which were put on him by none other but him was amazing. And well, the only two things which can propel you to do that is love and a pursuit of a higher objective, a passion that engulfs you. How Padukones character lets go, suffers and waits for it to happen was another part of the awesome story. Tells you true sacrifice does help, wishing good for someone with all your heart, unselfishly, does help. Reiki does work!!! 

The theme of living an alternate life, either in dreams or a on vacations is not new, the Mask introduced it to me...and well if nothing else, all of us do have that imaginary friend in our heads who we have grown up with, who is nothing but your manifestation of what you really wanted to be, of who you really are inside...

And well another truth that most of us, at least in India have lived with is the disjoined, dysfunctional family. Growing up, I thought I was the only one, funnily, putting myself on a pedestal thinking that I was the only one...I was the only one who had a tough life, tough family. and I rebelled, and struggled with it, But then as I spoke to others, found out that it was not just me, it was pretty much everyone. Everyone, friends, cousins, everyone had pretty much the same story. Families which were tied by blood and society, members of which were expected to behave in a certain way. and because of that expectation, they could never ask what they really wanted, they never could express themselves or what they thought of others. Relations built on societal terms, not on love and just caring.  But then you can't really go far when you imprison your true self, your thoughts, the self keeps on breaking out...

and in Kapoor & sons, it breaks out in a fashion which almost destroys that 'family' but ends up tying everyone in a true everlasting relation. Mostly each family has a member who keeps the family together, and maintains the status quo, gets fighting people talking...but just once, once in a while, it doesn't work and all hell breaks lose. 

So what gyaan, well frankly, like most of the things in this blog, I have solutions which I struggle to implement in my own life. But what if we did live a true life, one where our own selfish self is shown as it is, because well we all are selfish. What if everyone is accepting, know that only when they accept, will they be accepted. What if there are not societal burdens, no universal rights and wrongs, what if we accept that everyone is grey, there is no perfect and so everyone is perfect, for themselves at least. 

Somehow we have tried to clothe everyone with an artificial cloak, a cloak which makes everyone acceptable to other, a cloak which reduces friction. But it also hides our individuality, and although reduces the friction between people, increases the friction within the self. And at some point that has to come out. 

Can't help but mention Osho's philosophy, everyone for themselves, selfish but considerate & responsible. No one is a criminal, everyone is just for themselves. Relations based only on love and caring, not on 'what is right, what is required'. 

Both of the movies surprised me, didn't expect anyone to handle such topics, till I saw the movies, didn't realise these were real issues to be handled. But someone did...and I am happy for that. 

anyways...kudos to both movies...not only did they explore complex topics, they did so in innovative and a very entertaining manner.

Take care

PS: from the heart...!

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