Friday, June 08, 2012

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Lots of small things to write about...
It was interesting to see how well the buzz was built around Aamir Khans Satyamev Jayate. Done in a class way, and in line with the spirit of the programme. Watching the promos i though it would be a travel show, with him going to the small and far flung places in India to highlight our diversity, to show the many colors that make India so amazing. And then highlighting the people and their stories! Always wanted a show like that, a show which shows the life of the 1 billion indians, the story of a hath rickshaw puller in calm or a tea picker lady in assam, or a salt pan worker of saurashtra, or a idli for breakfast walla from mumbai. Ans show it in a very matter of fact way, because i know this, their life is as interesting as any of ours, just not glamorous enough, well what he actually is doing is not bad, just that this too, the only thing is that here too you can see the effects of marketing, and as much of a proponent of true marketing i am, there is always this feeling that marketing and the effort to make something saleable takes the purity out of it!
Well who am i to judge, its been liked by everyone, and some action is being taken on its behalf so good!
Someone posted a 'why is this world so bad' kinda poster on fb, and well, the world is not bad, some of it is, but problem is that only the some bad part is highlighted, i wish there was a programme which shows the good stories, the hundred million stories of kindness that everyday indians generate, so that our impression of the world being a bad place ends. I truly believe watching such stories would make people do more good! And what the hell, market it as well! :D
Somethings just grow on you...somethings u just love at first sight, conversely somethings u know u will never like (which btw many times becomes a self fullfilling prophecy) and some things you let urself get used too...
Told someone yesterday about acceptance,chow sometimes ur better off accepting ur situation, ur fate then fighting it. Its not about losing hoping and giving up something, but getting that peace for now so that u can start fighting again later...its like when climbing and u suddenly start losing ur balance and have ur arms flaying all over the place to get ur balance back, u always end up standing still first, then start climbing slowly. Bad analogy but...

There was 'the too big to fail' used for the large investment banks during the 2008 crisis, heard the 'so big, it might itself under its weight' some time back. Well just to be fair to myself for once, the funda was KC's, the line mine. Discussion was on tech and future of companies, and as usual i brought in Apple and for the first time someone said that in 3 years there might not be an Apple. Tim Cook will finally run through the three year plan Steve left him with and hen they will be lost..well time will tell, i too have my apprehensions, Cook is turning out to be more conventional then I hoped for. But well, the so big will bury itself came from the fact that as soon as Apple goes after foreign markets, India and China really, and as they increase their product line up, they wont be able to handle it. They are already screwing up big time on some of their products and this will just increase. Hmmm...counter thought was, maybe they won't go after the big markets, they are already making big money, US / EU sales are still strong, so why not keep your market limited, but get more innovative products. Also because if they have to come to these countries, they will have to cater to regional needs and also lower their prices, which means come up with new versions, both of which adds complexity to their operating model. Time shall tell!

Last thought, am surprised and sometimes aghast at how much time all of us spend just making things happen, in comparison to actually building things...planning, communicating, selling, funding, resourcing, measuring, meeting, less time actually innovating and building!!!

PS...the song on top is what started the something just grow on  you thought..!

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