Sunday, February 07, 2010

dil to bacha hai ji - Part II

the song is here now the post...
wanted to see this movie as soon as i saw the preview the first time, and unlike what the reviews said, it was as good as i thought it would be. there was something missing, couldn't make out what though.
but then the post is about those subtle hidden things that you can take meaning out of, maybe because you have had similar experiences, or you just connect with it. thats the thing about these arty types movies, its like a painting, you see abstract art, and you, depending on ur experiences, on your perspective, can see things which others don't.
anyways, i love the juxtaposition of the two characters, of romanticism vs flamboyance, and how at the end, you realise, what ever your style, pyaar to pyaar hi hai, danke ki chot par karo yaa chup chup kar mann hi mann main!!! loved that.
how vidya's character, shows that a woman can do anything for love and revenge, how they can use people to get what they want, and how neither does the woman feel really guilty neither you, the used, feel revengeful (bad and hurt yes, but u can understand it), because ultimately, if you know love, u know this was done for love, and as the saying goes, all is fair in love and war....
and thats why i loved the ending, where the three of them end up as friends, well the dudes are still in love, but then what is true love but the fact that you feel happy that the loved one is happy, even if with someone else...!
the dialogues were good, the director hinted at what he wanted to say, and left the rest for you to interpret.
the setting, ah, eastern UP, it has a charm of its own, rustic as it is, it never ceases to suprise. the sweet and beautiful, even curse words like MC BC sound good...i miss staying there!!!
naseer was his usual self, and this should have been easy for warsi and vidya, who looked classically beautiful.
i liked how the director created some suspense, he showed the burn marks on Vidya, and explained it later...
some gems in the movie...kuku, sena main bharti hona hai, teri lu kya and such...
also the fact, and something i have written about before, and is not very easily justifiable, sometimes its ok to do the wrong thing for just the sake of momentary happiness, in this case, vidya's sleeping with warsi or flirting with naseer to get some affection, i know most would say that it was just a ploy, but well not completely, nothing is ever black or white, life is always grey...
the two songs are awesome, dil to bacha hai ji applied to all three protagonist and frankly to all of us. right so, nahi to life main majja hi kya, whats the point of living an always serious faultless life??!?
and for once, bharadwaj named his movie appropriately...couldn't be better named.
so many other things i can't remember, blame it on my pathetic short term memory, but all in all a great for the collection.
PS: had loads of fun watching the movie with friends, partly because of the movie and its dialogues and situations, and partly because of the comment baazi (intentional and unintentional) of our group...saw it in one of the cheaper multiplexes and was good to see people hooting and whistling and loud bouts of laughter all around. this was one of those movies, where the atmosphere added to the movie...
i live by the adage 'experience everything' which includes understanding every song if not living it...i have seen many bollywood (not the hyperbolic ones, but a toned down version of them as well) playing in my life, sometimes as the protagonist and sometimes as a side character. and this is so true about ishiqiya...lets see if KANK comes true as well!!!
also on a seperate note, i am happy that most of my friends and acquaintances don't read my blog, or maybe they do and i don't know about it, but it lets me write what i want to write, if there was some way of knowing who visits my blog, i wouldn't have been this frank, am more naseer then warsi, lets see who wins (or maybe both loose)!!! See... :-)
am almost finishing up on hurt locker, another review coming soon...well maybe!!!
take care

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