Sunday, November 23, 2008

my sunday...

so we wait for the weekends now a days, heard working people value their weekends, and till now...the weekend used to merged in a long long working week, mostly work was on weekends as well, the work life balance thing, well work was in both the pans in the balance.  
and i am not a workaholic, i want to spend my time doing things i want to do, but more and more i see the division of work and life except for work fading, is a thin line today. i am on call all day long, all night long, first thing in the morning i do is check my blackberry, don't have any office hours, am free to go out of office as i wish, to run errands and all, even meet friends. 
i really don't like the division in the first place, i want to have my freedom to do what i want whenever i want, be it work, blogging, meeting people or doing anything else. for mood driven people like me, u might not be in the mood to work at some point, and if the division was there, u'd still be stuck at work, even though u wouldn't want to work, which means u'd just be wasting time.  thankfully with technology becoming so pervasive and advanced, with mobiles and blackberries, with access everywhere, working becomes a reality. 
so why weekends in the first place...guess, its more of a coordination thing, u know everyone's gonna be free on a weekend, also u know that its gonna be two days when u can leave work behind, but does that really happen? i am never able to leave work behind, am always synced in, to work and life both. all that is required is that you need to manage more things at the same time. keep more things in your head. 
so my up at 11:30, still not satisfied, and so forced my self to sleep again, but like love, sleep also can't be scheduled. got up, had to run an errand, come home, take a nice long bath, watch the idiot box, rediscover an old movie, and find a new good sitcom after a long time. and see all my plans for the evening go for a toss. the place we were going to eat has closed, and even if open, the guy who was treating us got after effects of two and a half liters of beer, so thats out of the window. suddenly nothing is playing on the idiot box, and its raining heavily, and as much as i like getting wet, don't wanna really get wet today.
amazing how days change.
well shit happens, have stopped thinking of a perfect weekend!!!
take care. 
the one thing u can't do is have good face time, a limitation which technology has still now conquered, but as i see it, with virtual worlds, even that's gonna go away. touch and feel and smell, well that will take time, don't see that happening anytime soon.  

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