Tuesday, August 12, 2008


teams.....so how do you make a team. not groups, those are easy, just put a bunch of people together and you got a group, most probably a good for nothing group. a team is a higher level, a very higher level, they not only work towards achieving the objectives set forth, but act more like a family. they care about each other, they enjoy and cry together, know each other personally...and it goes on. its a family away from family, as time goes by, you don't have any barriers between your self and your team.
but..how do you get there. time and again, i have observed, if you go through a problem, a crisis, an issue together, work thorugh it, go throught he highs and lows, become part of the blame and the cheer,,,you end up developing a relationship which goes beyond work. you develop a connection of sorts. a connection which disagreements over work issues, or issues related to achieving that objective cannot break. you end up being a team. its true for any kind of work, rememeber college days, when you used to work together towards that submission or towards organising that fest, working all nights, till death came. or remember solving that issue, which wouldn't get solved, instead you would discover new things which would frustate you...
coming through a problem together makes a bond, because to solve that problem, you have to get over the small differences you have, you have to understand and laugh at the small quirks of the other and of yourself, else you would never be able to solve the problem. and also because you share memories for long after you have solved the problem. you also get a chance to enter the personal area, remember the late night call you boss got form his wife, and how he explained it. well that made you understand that he also is human. he also goes through the same problems as you do.
getting out of work...doing some physical activity together, a cricket team maybe, going trekking together...jsut having a birthday party bash...drinking together. they all have the same effect. and i guess its because you get to see the other side of a person, the non official side. it helps you trust a person more. i have seen the most diplomatic, guarded of people give up their inhibitions, get excited, blabber our, and when you see the human side of someone, you start trusting them. you start believing they are also like you,
well enough said...so back to the original question how do you make a team...well go for a trek...a real arduous one. you will get yelled at by everyone, but atleast they all will bond. and as a boss, or person responsible for achieving the objective, thats what you want.

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