Sunday, April 13, 2008

astropandits...sounding boards

astrologers, face readers and such...i have never been actually believe in them. even after hearing from people how their entire past life was laid out before them, as it happened. don't really believe in it because, i don't see any scientific explanation to it, 
went to this astrologer once, with a significant other, to find out about our lives together. and with all the sensible questions being asked by her, all i was interested in knowing is how to find out, what is the process, trying to find some science behind it. 
at that time was too immature to know the psyche reasoning behind it, understand it better today.
there are a couple of things, one is that u mostly hear what u want to hear, if they say something u don't like, u kind of ignore it, try to find reasons to argue with what they say, go to another astropandit who would give a somewhat different opinion and u'd pick on that opinion.
one of my friends who believes in this stuff, once said that unless it is absolutely bad, astrologers never give it to you in absolute terms, they would always put it very diplomatically. which to me is like cheating, u go there to get the truth, not their interpreted mellowed down version of it. 
but imagine astropandits dilemma, they know, and there is a big if before know, but if they do know what all bad is gonna happen to you, how do they break it to you, they also have this big moral responsibility, how much to give to you, and i guess with experience they also learn to know how much a person can take and give them accordingly...
and that leads to the second, there is a face reader, and she is a face reader, because she can make out ur nature from your face, and thats all she does. she takes a look at a pic and lays out, quite accurately what a person is like, which people think is a divine gift to her, but i don't think so. she just is very discerning, even we, not as blessed as she is, can make out natures from faces can't we, but then for us its mostly limited to people we are interested in and have studied...but we can. so nothing special in that, what is special is that she has the empathy to know everyone. 
together with knowing ur nature, if she knows ur past and presents, its not too difficult to predict the future, humans are predictable...
what i do appreciate about her, and most astrologers is that they have a heart, they become ur support system, we mostly want to know the future when we want the illusion of a good future to give us hope to get past our present, and they, whether they see the future or not, give that. they counsel, and give some placebo (thanks JS) like a puja or something, they generate hope. the same can be done by someone else, because everyone who is not affected by the problem ur going through always see whats right, whats logical, but then the astropandit is more listened to, they have the advantage of divine gifts u see.
what ever be the case...they help, not by giving u ur future, but giving u an listening ear...
take it with a pinch of salt, ultimately i believe, just hear and follow what ur heart says, even if wrong, u'd never feel wrong...
take care this too opinionated, well rather is this opinionated, just from my heart, and its not meant to be, am not someone who has opinions...judgements, not till i know everything, which i never will.

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