Saturday, March 15, 2008

cystal clear moments...!

ever been at those forks where u can clearly see both paths and where they lead. where the clarity of the results of the decision u take scares you. where what is going to happen is so certain, u wonder whether to take the decision at all.
evern done the mistake of ur lifetime, knowing that its gonna be a mistake, knowing that its gonna change life for the worse and its never gonna be the same again. and still taken the wrong road...the down hill no halts till destruction kinda road.
ever knew something was so right that it was just unbelievable. where u knew there are no other options, no other choices, no where else to go.
well... if u do, ur lucky. i am...
take care

1 comment:

  1. well there seems to be an irony in the statements, its only when you know that the decision u are taking has no other options, it is the right thing to do, will you choose to go down a path thts gonna change your life for the halts till absolute destruction,

    i dont kno if i have, sometimes i think i have...but u'll only know that after complete destruction occurs :P