Sunday, August 20, 2006

40 mins up and not a song, whoaaa!!!!

well what a shock!!! everyone went to see a feel good movie, and why not, everything sounded similar, multi star cast, (almost the same people repeated actually) a standard FLA (four letter accronym) name, new york, high pitched songs, designer clothes. sounded so similar, but it wasn't to be.
the first song came 40 mins into the picture, and i was so surprised.
well nothing new about the movie as such. the subject has been explored before, although more towards infidelity the falling in love, the ending also was not unique.
what was unique was that this was done in a commercial hindi movie and not an arty flick which only the intellectual would see. which basically means the debate became more main stream.
i agree with the review given by masand(cnn-ibn), atleast people are talking, the film makes u sit after the credits are over and think. it takes time for you to decide whether u like the movie or not, you discuss the movie with friends instead of giving one word verdicts.
agreed the execution was not perfect, but atleast a start. and for all those who say that bollywood stands r no where near hollywood, well, its changing, right from kank & haasil which altough great ideas were not executed as well, to hum dil de chuke sanam & omkara, which could compete on an international stage, we are slowly getting there. the good thing is that these movies are not only of great quality but r also commercially viable.
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  1. am writing this almost after an year of watching the movie, and have watched it many times since. and frankly, and even after hearing all the criticism of english movie buffs about this being a typical karan johar bollywood flick, am not ashamed to say that i discover something new, some funda which seems to make sense everytime i see the movie.
    that puts it in the league of godfather, and of so many other english flicks.